Frampton Comes Alive!: Peter Frampton

Rating: 90%

Frampton_Comes_Alive.jpgHere’s another double LP live record that I got for under $0.75. Peter Frampton’s “Frampton Comes Alive!” Any person who like Hard Rock and Heavy Metal has at least heard of Peter Frampton and this record. I mean it’s like one of the biggest selling live records of all time.

Now, I am not a huge Peter Frampton fan, but, this record sounds damn good. I love live performances because you get to hear the artist for who they truly are. There are no edits and such during the songs. So, it’s as raw as you can get.

Peter Frampton is the lead vocalist and lead guitarist of the band. He sure knows how to play. He’s got some good riffs and great leads. His guitar sounds really good and has a lot of bite to it. The talkbox on “Do You Feel Like We Do” and “Show Me The Way” is a very cool added effect that makes those songs so damn good. He is supported by rhythm guitarist, organist, and pianist Bob Mayo; bassist Stanley Sheldon, and drummer John Siomos. All of the musicians sound pretty tight on this performance.

Musically, again, this is the artist in raw. The atmosphere is very high energy, that is electrifying. The song tempos, melodies and structures are all pretty good. With a few songs that are ballads, or mainstream pop rock, the rest of the album is pretty rockin’. Those harder songs that you hear on his studio records are a bit more peppy and hard hitting on this live performance. The songs all lead up to the ending track “Do You Feel Like We Do.” That song alone was one reason why I wanted to play the electric guitar. Great live album. No wonder it’s among the top live records of all time.

Track Listing:

Side one
“Introduction / Something’s Happening” – 5:54
“Doobie Wah” – 5:28
“Show Me the Way” – 4:42
“It’s a Plain Shame” – 4:21

Side two
“All I Want to Be (Is by Your Side)” – 3:27
“Wind of Change” – 2:47
“Baby, I Love Your Way” – 4:43
“I Wanna Go to the Sun” – 7:02

Side three
“Penny for Your Thoughts” – 1:23
“(I’ll Give You) Money” – 5:39
“Shine On” – 3:35
“Jumpin’ Jack Flash” – 7:45

Side four
“Lines on My Face” – 7:06
“Do You Feel Like We Do” – 14:15


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