Inked in Blood: Obituary

Rating: 80%

ObituaryInkedInBlood.pngIn 2014, the masters of Death Metal after taking several years off, released “Inked in Blood.” The Tardy brothers, John and Donald are joined by lead guitarist Kenny Andrews, guitarist Trevor Peres and bassist Terry Butler.

This album is not a bad come back for the Florida death rockers. There are lots of good highlights throughout this album. But, if you’re looking for a true Death Metal album, then, “Inked in Blood” may not be that album.

Musically, there are lots of Death Metal influences that the band is known for. Those growls and slower tempos are classic Death Metal. This is what Obituary has been known for. However, and this is where many of the fans got upset, is the fact that this album pulls some influences from Thrash Metal. Some of the song structures have a more faster tempo. It also incorporates some elements of Melodic Death Metal.

With regards to the musicianship, there is a lot to talk about. First, John Hardy’s vocal style of the growls are still there. Even since their first release in 1989, John Tardy still has it. His brother Donald on drums, sounds so damn good. The drumming on this album really good. The guitar work screams traditional Obituary. The heavy drop down tuning gives this album a heavy and deep sound. The bass is clearly heard.

Overall, the final production is not band. There some filler on this record, but other than that, it’s not a bad album. The way I see, people asked the band for this record. The band listened. So why so many people hate this album is beyond me. You got a new Obituary album. Is it perfect? No! But, we all got new music from the forefathers of American Death Metal.

Track listing:

1. “Centuries of Lies” 2:08
2. “Violent by Nature” 4:33
3. “Pain Inside” 4:36
4. “Visions in My Head” 4:14
5. “Back on Top” 4:30
6. “Violence” 2:06
7. “Inked in Blood” 4:13
8. “Deny You” 4:49
9. “Within a Dying Breed” 5:36
10. “Minds of the World” 3:24
11. “Out of Blood” 3:19
12. “Paralyzed with Fear” 5:38


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