Risk: Megadeth

Rating: 70%

MegadethRisk.jpgOK, so…the disco influences weren’t a good idea. Especially on a heavy metal album. I get that. It’s not a bad album, it’s just a tad bit different. OK, it’s completely different than what we would expect from Megadeth. But, Megadeth’s 1999 release “Risk” does have some good points to it.

The music scene was changing big time by the turn of the century. Nu Metal had taken center stage. Grunge for the most part was dead. Groove Metal for the most part was beginning to fade. For the Heavy Metal greats like Megadeth, you have to change your style and sound to keep it fresh with audiences. So, at least Megadeth tried. They were smart enough to see that change was needed, and even though it flopped, you pick up the pieces and you move on.

Megadeth for the most part, stripped it’s Heavy Metal sound and replaced it with a more mellow, mild tempo style of Hard Rock music. This album is highly experimental, and that experiment, well…didn’t work out so well. The line up for this Megadeth album was vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustaine, guitarist Marty Friedman, bassist David Ellefson, drummer Jimmy DeGrasso.

Musically, it’s different and stands alone in the Megadeth catalog. It pulls it’s influences from disco, hard rock, NWOBHM and mainstream pop rock. And yes, there is a ballad, a disco drenched ballad at that. It has riffs and it has some good leads from Mustaine and Friedman. It has some good drumming and bass lines. Vocally, Dave doesn’t sound bad. I have always like this vocal style. Lyrically, it’s weak. I’ll be honest, it’s weak. Some of the chorus lines seem to drag on. But sometime, you need a flop in order to get back on track. That album is “Risk.”

So, metalheads didn’t like this album. But compared to the music coming out at the time, I’ll take this Megadeth album over many of the Nu Metal and Rap Metal bands. At least Megadeth did not tread on those waters.

Track listing:

1. “Insomnia” 4:34
2. “Prince of Darkness” 6:25
3. “Enter the Arena” 0:52
4. “Crush ‘Em” 4:57
5. “Breadline” 4:24
6. “The Doctor Is Calling” 5:40
7. “I’ll Be There” 4:20
8. “Wanderlust” 5:22
9. “Ecstasy” 4:28
10. “Seven” 5:00
11. “Time: The Beginning” 3:04
12. “Time: The End” 2:28


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