Kill ‘Em All: Metallica

Rating: 95%

metallica.jpgIn 1983, the music scene was turned upside down when Metallica’s “Kill ‘Em All” was released. Originally meant to be titled “Metal Up Your Ass”, this album is a fury of fast moving riffs, leads, and balls to the wall speed. That’s what drove me to this album. Taking the best of Hardcore Punk and New Wave of British Heavy Metal music slamming them together, Metallica’s brand of version of Thrash Metal is a killer.  The musicians consist of lead vocalist and guitarist James Hetfield, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, bassist Cliff Burton and drummer Lars Ulrich.

The core of musicians have created somewhat of a masterpiece. The riffs are perfect between both Hetfield and Hammett. The duel barrage of guitar work is amazing. The leads are furious, angry and full of energy. The drumming, is decent. The bass, although a bit hard to hear at times, is really good.  This may be due to the mixing and sound quality issues that seem to flaw this album.

“Kill ‘Em All” is a very metallic and raw record. It was ahead of it’s time. When it was released, it took the music scene by surprise. No one knew what hit them. Musically, this album represents the raw power of heavy metal. It’s speed and sound still influence bands to this day. The song structures are done very well. The chorus, verses and bridges all change direction from song to song. So even the speed and tempo of the album doesn’t get boring. Some may say that harmony is completely gone. I beg the differ. The duel action of guitars is proof that harmony does exists on this record. There is melody within the chorus. “Kill ‘Em All” will always live on as a great heavy metal record as long as heavy metal music is still alive.

Track listing:

1. “Hit the Lights” 4:16
2. “The Four Horsemen” 7:13
3. “Motorbreath” 3:08
4. “Jump in the Fire” 4:41
5. “(Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth” (instrumental) 4:15
6. “Whiplash” 4:10
7. “Phantom Lord” 5:02
8. “No Remorse” 6:26
9. “Seek & Destroy” 6:55
10. “Metal Militia” 5:09


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