Radio Active Cats

rac.jpgRating: 75%

OK, so going through my CDs that I have, I pulled this out. When the Hair Metal bands ruled the airwaves, there was a smaller movement of traditional Hard Rock music that just never caught on. Bands like Tangier, Barefoot Servants and Radio Active Cats fused together traditional Southern Rock, Country Rock, Blues Rock, and other influences such as Rockabilly and Classic Rock to create this new Hard Rock sound. But, the music world wasn’t ready for it. And by 1995, it was to late for these bands to gain international or even national fame.

Who were the Radio Active Cats? Well they were a band from California. They consisted of vocalist and guitarist Shel Graves, drummer Michael Graves, guitarist Ian Espinoza, and bassist Ron Maldonado.

In 1991, R.A.C. released their self titled debut and their only record. This record, although never went far, musically had some really good Blues and Country Rock vibes. Many considered this as Heavy Metal, but it’s more based around Hard Rock than anything. It’s got some really good riffs, slide guitar, and leads. Decent drumming. Music strucutre is great on songs like “Shotgun Shack” that is very Bluesy and has a very tight Country Rock sound. “Hold on Tight” is a nod to classic RockaBilly music. This album has a lot of melody and harmony. The vocal work isn’t all that bad. Lyrically, the band needed to put some extra work into their song writing.  “Finger in the Pie” is a good example where the music is good, but the lyrics just suck!

This is a fun trip down the 1990’s memory lane. Although, for bands like R.A.C., many people never heard of them and most people probably never will. At least I did.

Track listing:

1. Shotgun Shack
2. Hold on Tight
3. Bed of Roses
4. Finger in the Pie
5. Standin’ in the Rain
6. Love Razor
7. Cry on My Shoulder
8. Think About Love
9. Cheap Mascara
10. Knock Knock
11. Wet, Hot Sweat


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