Deep Purple in Rock: Deep Purple

Rating: 100%

Deep_Purple_in_Rock.jpg1970 saw Deep Purple changing gears. After relieving vocalist Rod Evans and bassist  Nick Simper of their duties, Deep Purple hired vocalist Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover.  The new line up known as Mark II began tightening up their sound and musical style. The end result was “Deep Purple in Rock.” This album begins the band’s popularity and path to becoming one of Heavy Metal’s forefathers.

The album showcases the talents of Ritchie Blackmore’s skills as a great guitarist. He throwing out more complex leads and killer riffs. Sharing the stage with keyboardist Jon Lord, who too, is showcasing his talents as a soloist. Ian Gillan with his vocal style has taken the band into a new arena which the band needed in order to become of the greatest Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands of all time. He proves that he has plenty of range. He can come in soft and end with screeching high ranges vocals when need to. Bassist Roger Glover and drummer Ian Paice both prove to be a super duo. They add that touch of heaviness which directs the rest of the band into greatness.

The sound of the music has improved much as well as their song writing. Musical structures are also improving. You see more and more improvising on behalf of the band which will lead to some killer songs being performed live during their concerts. The music is becoming darker, faster, aggressive, and heavier. The band is also incorporating more Blues and Jazz into their music and moving away from the straight out Classical efforts. The end result is a record that is so very powerful and is the stepping stone to greatness.

Track Listing:

Side one
1. “Speed King” 5:52
2. “Bloodsucker” 4:16
3. “Child in Time” 10:18
Side two
4. “Flight of the Rat” 7:53
5. “Into the Fire” 3:30
6. “Living Wreck” 4:31
7. “Hard Lovin’ Man” 7:11


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