Burn: Deep Purple

Rating: 85%

deep_purple_-_burnAfter making a line up change adding David Coverdale on vocals and bassist/vocalist Glenn Huges, Deep Purple’s Mark III line up released “Burn” in 1974. The three main original members are still in place with guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, Keyboardist Jon Lord, and drummer Ian Paice.

This record see the band moving into a different direction musically. It begins incorporating some funky newer styles, bigger choruses and slower tempos. Verses are more of a duo style, mixing the voices of Coverdale and Hughes on the mic. The album does lack the power that the previous albums like “Deep Purple in the Rock”, “Fireball” or “Machine Head” had. It’s a tad bit more easy listening and doesn’t have the heavy sound.

Now, the record isn’t all totally boring. There are lot’s of good riffs and tons of fantastic leads conducted by none other, Ritchie Blackmore. His greatest riff is the album opener, “Burn.” “Burn” is a fast moving and hard hitting song that’s based around the beginning formation of what would become Speed Metal. This record also includes the funky melody of “Sail Away.” This song has an interesting riff that some of the weirdest keyboard solos and dueling guitar leads. Then you have the bluesy “Mistreated” which I like Ronnie James Dio vocal style more so than David Coverdale.

Personally, this album is good, but if you are looking to discover Deep Purple, begin with the albums like “Deep Purple in the Rock”, “Fireball” or “Machine Head.”

Track Listing:

Side one
1. “Burn” 6:00
2. “Might Just Take Your Life” 4:36
3. “Lay Down, Stay Down” 4:15
4. “Sail Away” 5:48
Side two
5. “You Fool No One” 4:47
6. “What’s Goin’ On Here” 4:55
7. “Mistreated”  7:25
8. “‘A’ 200” 3:51


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