Who Do We Think We Are: Deep Purple

Rating: 80%

3394In 1973, Deep Purple was in a whirlwind of problems. Mainly due to the disagreements between Ian Gillian and Ritchie Blackmore. This record was the last of the Mark II line-up before Gillian and Roger Glover were fired and replaced by David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes for the 1974 release “Burn.” Don’t worry, they’ll reunite again for “Perfect Strangers.” The inner fighting and band members doing their thing during the recording result in an album that lacks the lust and power of “Machine Head”, “Fireball”, and “In the Rock.”

But not all is lost on this record. “Woman from Tokyo” is a brilliant song that can stand up to any of the Mark II line up’s prior recordings.  “Super Trouper” still bears the classic Blackmore riffs that he was produced on the previous records. The album still features some good riffs and leads produced by Blackmore. Jon Lords solos on the keys are still decent. Gillans vocals are weak on some of the tracks, but this could be due to the fact he wasn’t on speaking terms with Blackmore and the stress was overwhelming. The songwriting and song structures are not as good as they were on other records.

The rest of the album, I just feel as if it’s missing something or it was just thrown together. It was mentioned on other articles that other band members recorded their parts separately away from the feud. The album lacks the energy that the band often produced with their musical styles. Bottom line, if you’re looking to get into this band, don’t start out with this record.

Track Listing:

Side one
1. “Woman from Tokyo” 5:48
2. “Mary Long” 4:23
3. “Super Trouper” 2:54
4. “Smooth Dancer” 4:08
Side two
5. “Rat Bat Blue” 5:23
6. “Place in Line” 6:29
7. “Our Lady” 5:12


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