Led Zeppelin II

Rating: 100%

led_zeppelin_-_led_zeppelin_ii-1In late 1969, Led Zeppelin’s second record was released. Heavily influenced in the Blues, this record also displays more of that traditional Heavy Metal sound and style. The opening track “Whole Lotta Love” is a great example of early Heavy Metal music, from the opening riff, the leads and the vocals. All and all, this album along with Black Sabbath’s debut, Deep Purple’s 1970 MK II line up and Uriah Heep, all helped to create this new generation of music. Led Zeppelin II is going to be a blue print of all sorts for Heavy Metal music.

What not to like about this record? There is no flaws in my opinion. Everything about this record is great. Robert Plant’s vocals are amazing. He has a lot of range.  John Bonham’s drumming is amazing. You can hear that throughout the entire album, especially, the song “Moby Dick.” John Paul Jones’s bass is absolutely brilliant. Jimmy Page’s guitar is fantastic. He proves that he can throw riff after riff out. His leads showcase the talents he has adding in influences of the Blues, Folk, Rock and yes, Country music. Even the ballad “Thank You” has some great guitar work in that gives you the Country/Blues feeling.

This record has energy, it has a lot of power and it’s electrifying. The song structures are all great. Lot’s of good tempos and melodies. The songs themselves have a lot of instrumentation. You get the feeling that many of these songs could easily be expanded from the current form to longer versions of pure rock jamming live.

Track Listing:

Side one
1. “Whole Lotta Love” 5:34
2. “What Is and What Should Never Be” 4:46
3. “The Lemon Song” 6:19
4. “Thank You” 4:49
Side two
5. “Heartbreaker” 4:14
6. “Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)” 2:39
7. “Ramble On” 4:34
8. “Moby Dick” 4:20
9. “Bring It On Home” 4:19


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