Master of Reality: Black Sabbath

Rating: 100%

Black_Sabbath_-_Master_of_Reality.pngIn 1971, Black Sabbath released “Master of Reality.” This record has been a huge influence on Heavy Metal music, particularly  with creating the foundation of Stoner Metal, Sludge Metal and Doom Metal. This record is another favorite record of Black Sabbath that I enjoyed. I used to play many of the songs on the guitar and during jamming sessions. Songs like “Sweet Leaf” and “Children of the Grave” were great tunes to play.

Musically, this record has more grit that the previous releases. It’s raw and sludgy feeling is what attracted me to it. It’s darker, deeper on tone and heavier than the previous two releases. It’s song structures are wonderfully done with no fillers whatsoever. What the band has created is just another fantastic record with great tempos, good harmonies, and great melodies. The song writing is top notch.

The entire band is playing great together and are continuing to throw out some of the best instrumentation that is left unmatched in today’s modern Heavy Metal world. This record as far as playing time is one of the shortest Black Sabbath records. Tony Iommi just continues to hammer out these crushing riffs. His leads are just as great. He is starting to experiment with a few different tunings on the guitar as well as Geezer Butler on bass. Bill Ward again, continues to fill in the plugs bridging any gap between with this style of drumming. Ozzy’s vocal work is becoming more standardized as how we hear him today. But, even though his vocals are being polished, his style still on top of the world providing that eeriness to his vocal range.

Great record that still continues to set the standard and still continues to influence bands and musicians alike. There is no bad song on here what so ever.

Track Listing:

Side one
1. “Sweet Leaf” 5:05
2. “After Forever” 5:27
3. “Embryo” (Instrumental) 0:28
4. “Children of the Grave” 5:18
Side two
5. “Orchid” (Instrumental) 1:31
6. “Lord of This World” 5:27
7. “Solitude” 5:02
8. “Into the Void” 6:13


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