Ironbound: Overkill

Rating: 95%

OverkillIronbound.jpgOverkill is one of those Thrash/Grove Metal bands that sounds better with age. I wasn’t impressed with their earlier work in 1980’s and early 1990’s because the sound quality sucked. But, the last several years, this band sounds so much better.

In 2010, Overkill released their fifteenth album “Ironbound.” And does this ever sound great, both musically and vocally. When I first heard this record with the reemergence of Thrash Metal, I was totally blown away. You have lead vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, lead guitarist Dave Linsk, rhythm guitarist Derek Tailer, bassist D.D. Verni, and drummer Ron Lipnicki.

Musically, this album is great. The song structures themselves are consisted throughout the entire album, except for the introduction on track one. But after that, the entire album just wails with fast moving tempos. This record is almost as if I’m back in the 1980’s, when Thrash Metal ruled the underground with the likes of Megadeth and Slayer. The production on this album is just amazing and the quality is breathtaking. This is how Thrash Metal should sound.

The musicianship and instrumentation is top notch here some of the songs seem to echo Iron Maiden with the harmony of the guitars and bass. Ellsworth has never sounded better. His scorching vocal style and screams shows he still has plenty of range. The music is tight, fast and crisp as Thrash Metal should be. Verni’s bass is more of an extension of the heavy sound that is produced by the guitars. You can hear it clear as day just pounding away on those strings. Lipnicki’s drums are just fantastic. Linsk’s and Tailer’s offer up plenty of hard crunching and rolling riffs that at times are so in tuned with one another that the guitars almost seem as one. Linsk’s leads just shred up and down this entire album. Bottom line, this is on hell of a good Thrash Metal record.

Track Listing:

1. “The Green and Black” 8:12
2. “Ironbound” 6:33
3. “Bring Me the Night” 4:16
4. “The Goal Is Your Soul” 6:41
5. “Give a Little” 4:42
6. “Endless War” 5:41
7. “The Head and Heart” 5:10
8. “In Vain” 5:13
9. “Killing for a Living” 6:14
10. “The S.R.C.” 5:08


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