Blue Matter: Savoy Brown

Rating: 90%

Blue_Matter_(album).jpegIn 1969, “Blue Matter” by the British Blues band Savoy Brown was released. The band at the time was lead vocalist, pianist & and guitarist Chris Youlden, lead guitarist, harmonica, & pianist Kim Simmonds, guitarist Dave Peverett, bassists Tone Stevens & Rivers Jobe, drummer Roger Earl and pianist Bob Hall.

This record is outstanding! The melodies are prefect. The style of rock and blues put together on this record is mellow and relaxing. It’s like high class bar room music. You know the kind of music you want to hear while you’re smoking a cigarette and sipping whiskey. The song structures are complied nicely. There’s a certain raw edge to the overall songs themselves. One thing for sure, is that this record will have you stomping your toe and snapping your finger. The sound and overall quality of the music is good. Lot’s of guitar and piano scales. The tempos move at an even keel.

The musicianship is very tight. With all of the instrumentation, the overall feel is not overwhelming. Each musician seems to know his place and how to play the Blues comparable to that of John Lee Hooker or Muddy Waters. The vocals are scorching hot. The guitars are ol’ so good. Especially on the hard hitting John Lee Hooker cover “Don’t Turn Me from Your Door.” Lot’s of great scales on each song. The leads are brilliantly conducted. Lot’s of deep tone and yes, there is a little fuzz tone with shrieking feedback. The bass is also something you’ll notice right away. The scales being used, the sound itself and how it compliments the guitars and drums is what really steals the show. The piano work is another thing you’ll notice. The piano really sets off the sound. It’s a nice added touch. The rhythm section of the horns is also worthy to note on the song, “Grits Ain’t Groceries.” The drum lines are out of this world. Lot’s of great tempos and good beats.

Highlights includes the song “Train to Nowhere.” It’s one of those songs that has a feeling that is real mellow and when you think it’s going to explode into something heavy, the song surprises you with mild melody with a great guitar solo. The last three tracks are recorded live and are among the heavier sounding Blues music that leaves you wanting more. They don’t make music that sounds like this anymore.

Track Listing:

“Train to Nowhere” – 4:12
“Tolling Bells”  – 6:33
“She’s Got a Ring in His Nose and a Ring on Her Hand” – 3:07
“Vicksburg Blues” – 4:00
“Don’t Turn Me from Your Door” – 5:04
“Grits Ain’t Groceries (All Around the World)” – 2:42
“May Be Wrong” – 7:50
“Louisiana Blues” – 9:06
“It Hurts Me Too” – 6:53


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