Why Dontcha: West, Bruce and Laing

Rating: 65%

wbl_why_dont_chaWest, Bruce and Laing was a super group formed by ex-mountain members Leslie West & Corky Laing and ex-Cream member Jack Bruce. In 1972, they made their debut with the release of “Why Dontcha.” The album is based around an amplified Hard Rock style of the Blues.

The song structures are lacking a bit of new inspiration. The overall sound of heaviness is there, but there’s no energy to electrify the listener.  It lacks intensity and power. For a super group as such, I would expect more. The songs to me sound as if there’s way to much filler. But, not all is lost. I did catch a glimpse of something different during the jam session of “Love Is Worth the Blues.” This song really does grab the listener’s attention. However, the flow of the music does get bogged down. For a super group, the only song that appears to be where Cream meets Mountain is “Pollution Woman.” But, I don’t want to compare this record to these two groups at once. I mean West, Bruce and Laing is a separate project from Cream and Mountain. The fuse was lit, however, the the fire cracker was a dud.

Overall musicianship is good. All three members contribute to the vocals. Each member has their own style and vocal range. This makes the music sound fresh from track to track. The instrumentation is OK. Leslie West produces some hard hitting rhythms with his heavily distorted guitar, but nothing as an impressive riff. His leads are great. His slide solos are just kick ass. But, you need some beefy riffs if you’re going to play Hard Rock. Then you have Jack Bruce on bass guitar. Then you have the hard hitter Corky Laing on drums. His tempos, offbeats, and rolls are decent.

These guys sure can wail and they sure can play the Blues. The problem is that with such talent within super groups is often leadership and control. But, drugs would be the group’s downfall. They would only release one more record after this.

Track Listing:

Side one
“Why Dontcha” – 3:04
“Out into the Fields” – 4:41
“The Doctor”- 4:29
“Turn Me Over” – 2:45
“Third Degree”- 5:14
Side two
“Shake Ma Thing (Rollin’ Jack)” – 3:17
“While You Sleep” – 3:24
“Pleasure” – 4:01
“Love Is Worth the Blues” -4:12
“Pollution Woman” – 4:28


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