Rock Your Face Off: Kix

Rating: 90%

KixRockYourFaceOff.jpgSo, it’s been 19 years (1995-2014) since Kix released any material due to their break up. When I heard that our local band was reforming, I was very pleased with the news. That’s right Kix was from Hagerstown, Maryland, about ten minutes away from where I live. Kix was one of those bands that was at the height of the world and then it all fell apart. They were thrown into the Glam or Hair Metal genre, although, they were just a Rock n’ Roll band.

When Kix reformed to record “Rock Your Face Off” you had most of the original members of the band including lead vocalist Steve Whiteman, , drummer Jimmy “Chocolate” Chalfant, and newly appointed bassist Mark Schenker.

Song structures, Kix seems to have picked up from where they left off. Lot’s of good harmony, simple melodies and great lyrics. The chorus still consist of big chorus lines with regarding to the harmony to the background vocals. They mostly use the Blues as part of their main influence in their music, mixed with some great Hard Rock styles. They have some great tempos that are often upbeat and consisted throughout each song. Their music is one of a kind and it’s a trip that is nonstop from start to finish. The lyrics often have some humor in them along with subjects of sex and Rock n’ Roll.

Musicianship is pretty tight for a band who hasn’t play with one or another in almost two decades. Steve Whiteman’s vocals for the most part are still pretty strong, even though you can hear the age in his voice. Guitarists Ronnie Younkins & Brian Forsythe still produce some very enjoyable riffs and Brian’s leads are still top notch. Jimmy Chalfant drumming is still just as good as it was then. He is pretty standard with his signatures, tempos and beats. The newly appointed bassist Mark Schenker is very good as well. He can keep the tempo moving with the drums, but at the same time he can set the rhythm for the guitars.

This album was a treat when I picked it. Kix is one of those bands that will not go down without a fight and I am glad they are back. Is this their best record? No! But I will take it and welcome it.

Track Listing:

Wheels in Motion (3:34)
You’re Gone (4:25)
Can’t Stop the Show (4:38)
Rollin’ in Honey (4:18)
Rock Your Face Off (3:30)
All the Right Things (4:04)
Dirty Girls (4:15)
Inside Outside Inn (4:04)
Mean Miss Adventure (3:36)
Love Me with Your Top Down (3:44)
Tail on the Wag (3:40)
Rock ‘n Roll Showdown (3:47)


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