Live Evil: Black Sabbath

Rating: 85%

513.jpgIn 1982, Black Sabbath after releasing two very good albums with Ronnie James Dio on vocals decided to put out an official live album. This album would give listeners a chance to hear songs from the “Heaven and Hell” and “Mod Rules” records as well as hearing how Dio sounded singing Ozzy era classics. The end result is a live album that is overall not too shabby.

You have one of the best front men of Heavy Metal on vocals which is conducted by Ronnie James Dio. You also have newly appointed drummer Vinny Appice. Geezer Butler is still holding his position with the band on bass guitar and the one and only Tony Iommi on guitar. You have a good set of songs for this live performance from the hits of the two Dio era records and some of the finer classics that were recorded during the Ozzy years.

“Evil Live” is not a bad live performance. Ronnie James Dio, knocks it out of the park with his vocals. Although on Dio’s vocals are drowned out by the band itself on “N.I.B.” I do like how he took those songs that were originally sung by Ozzy and sang them in his own style. Some of the songs are actually better with Dio singing them than Ozzy. Tony Iommi’s trade mark sound, sounds so deep. His solos are excellent especially on “Heaven and Hell.” Geezer Butler’s bass sounds just as good as Iommi’s guitar. Vinny’s drums are decent.

For the performance itself, Black Sabbath definitely has a lot energy and keeps the audience pumped. The music sounds good and the tracks for the “Evil Live” flow nicely. The overall sound quality is nicely done. All and all, this is a good live album that serves as important piece of Black Sabbath history.

Track listing:

Side one
1. “E5150” 2:21
2. “Neon Knights”  4:36
3. “N.I.B.” 5:09
4. “Children of the Sea”  6:05
5. “Voodoo”  6:07
Side two
6. “Black Sabbath” 8:39
7. “War Pigs” 9:19
8. “Iron Man” 7:29
Side three
9. “The Mob Rules” 4:10
10. “Heaven and Hell” 12:04
Side four
11. “The Sign of the Southern Cross/Heaven and Hell (Continued)” 7:15
12. “Paranoid” 3:46
13. “Children of the Grave” 5:25
14. “Fluff” 0:59


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