Born Again: Black Sabbath

Rating: 80%

SabbathBorn.jpgIn 1983, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple fans would get a chance of a lifetime to hear what these two bands sound like together. That’s right, we’re talking Black Purple. After Ronnie James Dio left the band, Black Sabbath once again had to look for a new singer and drummer. Well, they grabbed ex-Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan. Then Bill Ward returned to his position as drummer, reuniting with guitarist Tony Iommi & bassist Geezer Butler along with Keyboardist Geoff Nicholls. So the title of their 1983 release “Born Again” seemed perfect.

A lot of people hated this album from it’s release and many others will consider this album as the worst Black Sabbath record ever. People never gave this record a chance. When I first heard this record, I too, didn’t care for it. But as time went, I would give an occasional listen. It began to grow on me. Now, I consider this to be a good record. It is their best? No! However, there are a lot of good highlights on this record if people would give it a listen.

Musically, this record is muddy sounding. It has a very heavy sludge tone to it. This is also a very dark record. It’s probably the darkest Black Sabbath record in their catalog. There are some very eerie moments on this record regarding sound and music. Those moments are met by some very outstanding riffs and solos by none other than by guitarist Tony Iommi. It’s good to hear Bill Ward back on drums. He adds that certain element that makes Black Sabbath great. This is met by bassist Geezer Butler who again is heard thundering along with Wards drumming and Iommi’s guitar. Ian Gillan on vocals whose Blues influence is met by a very complex and progressive style of musical style of the band, does a hell of a job. One big notice is the compositions of keyboardist Geoff Nicholls. You hear him taking more of a role musically with Black Sabbath. So, with all of that being said, musicianship is top notch.

Again, this is a good record and should be given it proper due. Next time you are looking for something different or just wanting to rediscover something old, give “Born Again” is try. I did and I actually liked. This is a forgotten gem, but was well ahead of it’s time.

Track Listing:

Side one
1. “Trashed” 4:16
2. “Stonehenge” 1:58
3. “Disturbing the Priest” 5:49
4. “The Dark” 0:45
5. “Zero the Hero” 7:35
Side two
6. “Digital Bitch” 3:39
7. “Born Again” 6:34
8. “Hot Line” 4:52
9. “Keep It Warm” 5:36


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