Seventh Star: Black Sabbath featuring Tony Iommi

Rating: 70%

black-sabbath-seventh-starIn 1986, Tony Iommi wanted to do a solo record, but, since the record company needed another Black Sabbath, “Seventh Star” was placed under the Black Sabbath banner. This record had the potential of being great with the musicians picked by Iommi, but didn’t exactly hit a home run.

How can you go wrong with ex-Deep Purple vocalist and bassist Glenn Hughes or Anthrax lead guitarists Dave Spitz playing bass? These two musicians along with guitarist Tony Iommi should have been strong enough to make a great heavy metal record. Then you have drummer Eric Singer and then Black Sabbath member Geoff Nicholls on keyboards.

Song structures, this record is decent, but DON”T expect it to be in Black Sabbath fashion. It does lack the punch and energy that one would expect from the riff master, Tony Iommi. It’s a bit dull in parts and just falls short. Musically, this record is all over the place. You have songs that boarder Heavy Metal, Blues, and Ballads that seem to have a heavy influence with Pop music of the time. It’s Black Sabbath that has moved into the mid 1980’s as when Hair Metal and Pop was ruling MTV and the radio airwaves.

Musicianship seems to be decent. Glenn Hughes proves that he has range on vocals. He sounds pretty good on the record. Dave Spitz on bass is not heard at all. The bass is so far behind the music in the background that it’s not recognizable. Eric Singer on drums is no Bill Ward, I think his timing is decent. Tony Iommi shows that he has leads that are great, nothing killer though. He has some decent riffs on here, but that isn’t everything that makes a record good…Or is it? Highlights include, “In for the Kill”, “Seventh Star”, and the bluesy “Heart Like a Wheel.”

If you look at this as a Black Sabbath record, you’ll despise it. If you look at it as a Tony Iommi record, you’ll hear some great moments on this record. This isn’t a bad record, but it isn’t the best record out there either. This does set the pace for Black Sabbath for the rest of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Track listing:

Side one
“In for the Kill” – 3:48
“No Stranger to Love” – 4:28
“Turn to Stone” – 3:28
“Sphinx (The Guardian)” – 1:12
“Seventh Star” – 5:20
Side two
“Danger Zone” – 4:23
“Heart Like a Wheel” – 6:35
“Angry Heart” – 3:06
“In Memory…” – 2:35


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