Verisäkeet (Blood Verses): Moonsorrow

Rating: 95%

Verisäkeet.jpgIn 2005, Finnland’s own Moonsorrow released “Verisäkeet.” One word that describes this album is “Fantastic.” From the opening to the finish, this metal album fucking rocks!!! It’s a masterpiece of all sorts mixing Black Metal, Folk Metal, Viking Metal, Paganism and Progressive Metal together. The end result is probably one of the best records by Moonsorrow.

The music production, song composition, and the musicianship is outstanding. The songs themselves are epic. The long lengthy songs change in direction with fast moving tempos and styles. The chorus has such a beefy backing vocals that it’s electrifying.

What makes this such a great Heavy Metal album? Let’s start with the band itself. The harsh vocals of Ville Sorvali. Although, he singing in his native tongue, he’s got plenty of spirit. His bass guitar stands out as well and it just pounds in the background. Even with all the instrumentation, the bass is clearly heard. The next thing you’ll notice is the great drumming that is being conducted by Marko Tarvonen. His drumming is amazing from the slower tempos to the fast beats of the double bass. He is also one of guitarist during the recording sessions. Keyboardist Lord Eurén provides much atmosphere on this album. The guitars are strong throughout the entire album and you have Mitja Harvilahti  to thank for that. You also have Henri Sorvali on guitars, keyboards, mouth harp, accordion, vocals, tin whistle, and recorder. So, the musicianship is super tight.

What about the song structures themselves? The music being created and played is again epic. Only one song that is under 14 minutes. The songs are very complex from the Black Metal sections to the powerful Folk Metal sections. You’ll also notice the big choir sequences along with the backing vocals. They are huge. This album also has wonderfully balanced melodies. As the songs change direction, you’ll hear this. This album has plenty of hard hitting guitar riffs. It’s full of guitars and yes, there are some leads on here. Plenty of guitar fills. Then you hear the bass sounds very good on all tracks. The drums are just fantastic. Other instruments you’ll hear within in this album is other percussion instruments, fiddle, mouth harp, kantele and jouhikko.

Track listing:

1. “Karhunkynsi” (“Bearclaw”) 14:00
2. “Haaska” (“Carrion”) 14:42
3. “Pimeä” (“Dark”) 14:08
4. “Jotunheim” 19:28
5. “Kaiku” (“Echo”) 08:19


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