Time I: Wintersun

Rating: 80%

WintersunTimeI.jpgI absolutely enjoyed Wintersun’s first album, so when I caught wind of “Time I” being released, I quickly ran out to the record store and purchased it. This is a hard album to rate, because for one, it took several years for it to be recorded and released. The blame laid within the recording sessions itself.

Two, the styles of music contained here is much more than roast beef. It’s more like salad thrown into a bowl. For example, the album’s opening track, the listener will notice some experimentation with Japanese-style melodies incorporated with traditional Folk elements.

The musicianship of vocalist, guitarist, computer and keyboardist Jari Mäenpää, along with drummer Kai Hahto, bassist Jukka Koskinen and guitarist Teemu Mäntysaari seems to be good. The downfall with having two guitarist, is there is only one guitar solo contained on this album. It appears on the title track “Time.” The drums and bass seem to be keeping a decent pace for the music. Jari Mäenpää is what one would expect and he does a good job of mixing his range. The synths and keyboards do a good job of keeping the music flowing without bogging down the album. Although, at times, they do seem to take over musically, covering up the guitars and drums.

The structure of the music itself contains a lot of balance and good melodies. It also contains some good fast tempo structures and yet, the slower parts seem to be along the realms of classical influences as well as some Asian influences as well. This album’s backbone is surrounded by a heavy symphonic sound upon a big orchestra structure with some progressive parts. The album does contain big epics when looking at the song lengths themselves. The music contains some really beautiful aspects with all of the melodies. This album has a very unique sound, and big sagas. The sorrowfulness and atmospheric themes are sung in a positive light with vocal styles being mixed between harsh style vocals to the cleaner style. All and all, this album may not be a metalheads cup of tea, but it is a decent album that requires a certain taste, like wine. You’ll have to sip it before gulping it.

Track Listing:

1. “When Time Fades Away” 4:08
2. “Sons of Winter and Stars”
I. “Rain of Stars”
II. “Surrounded by Darkness”
III. “Journey Inside a Dream”
IV. “Sons of Winter and Stars” 13:31
3. “Land of Snow and Sorrow” 8:22
4. “Darkness and Frost” 2:24
5. “Time” 11:45
6. “Sons of Winter and Stars” (Acapella – Hidden track) 3:50


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