Heimgang: Kampfar

Rating: 80%

204252.jpgIn 2008, Kampfar released “Heimgang.” This album is everything that Pagan Black Metal should be. So, I’ll go right into the song structure themselves. This has fast tempos, it’s raw, it features heavy distorted guitars and lots of fast picking.  This album also has shrieking vocals, growls and low screams. But too, this album has other traits that are uncommon to Black Metal. You have some damn good drumming, weird guitar chording, and some stand alone bass lines.

The music itself, while in Black Metal form, has a bit of enchantment. The melodies are beautifully done. It’s mystical and full of energy. It does contain some Folk elements to it. The timing, fast tempos, and atmospheric sounds make the music so much more than just Pagan Black Metal. The lyrical themes of passing through the underworld makes the album very dark in nature.

Musicianship is very good and so tight. Kampfar is led by vocalist Dolk. His shrieks and growls sets the tone for the album. He is supported by a very talented guitarist Thomas. His chording makes the guitar seem more than just a guitar. No leads here, but the melodic chords gives you the feeling that Folk instruments are being played rather than  guitar. That’s how good his guitar work is. It’s a style of beauty. II13 drumming is fucking awesome. His drums are very clear on this album and it is one of the instruments one should notice to. Then you have Jon Bakker’s brilliant bass guitar work.  So much more is Kampfar than a normal rum around the mill Black Metal band.

Track Listing:

1. Vantro 03:06
2. Inferno 03:31
3. Dødens vee 04:24
4. Skogens dyp 05:20
5. Antvort 06:10
6. Vansinn 05:36
7. Mareham 05:08
8. Feigdarvarsel 05:15
9. Vettekult 04:49
10. Vandring 03:46


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