By the Sword of My Father: Folkearth

Rating: 90%

By_the_Sword_of_My_Father.jpgFolkearth is a side project band that brings musicians from all over the world together to play Folk, Pagan, and Viking songs. “By the Sword of My Father” is the second album released by the Folkearth in 2006. It features dozens of musicians, too many to list here. 31 musicians and vocalists to be exact. With that being said, each song is performed by different musicians.

If you respect different cultures and different style of Heavy Metal music in the Folk, Pagan, Black Metal, Death Metal, and Viking Metal, then this may be worth a listen. But, be warned, not all of the music here is strictly Black Metal or Heavy Metal. Some songs are structured after European Folk. It’s more of a collection of music that celebrates the different Folk cultures and traditions, mainly northern Europe and Scandinavia.

The musicianship is hard to gage since so many were used. But, the all of the vocalists are good in their own genres. There is a balance between clean and harsh vocals. It has some big choir style chorus lines. All of the guitarist and other string performers are excellent. Several guitar leads and fills are on this album and they are good. On certain songs, you’ll hear the violin, harp and others string instruments. Other traditional instruments are used from bagpipes to hurdy-gurdy. Drumming and other percussionists are excellent as well.  Musically and song structures, this is a very solid effort and strong album.

Track six is an excellent instrumental that features a classical style harp and acoustic guitar that introduces the listener to what Folk music is about. After that, you get the banging of the drums and tambourine which explodes with the electric guitar solo and bagpipes. Track 15 is another outstanding acoustical piece that includes some damn good vocals.  Track 10 is a cover song originally written and performed by Falkenbach. Folkearth uses this song to pay tribute to mythology of the gods that were once part of Heathen Culture.

Track listing:

“Introduction” — 4:24
“The Lady’s Gift” — 3:48
“By the Sword of My Father” — 5:26
“Naglfar Sets Sail” — 5:18
“The Death of Beowulf” — 6:04
“Instrumental” — 4:24
“Skaldic Art” — 4:04
“Domain of Darksome Ravens” — 5:39
“Returne to Waelhalle” — 4:41
“Heathenpride” — 8:43
“Elves” — 1:29
“Invictus” — 6:08
“Wisdom of Wolves” — 2:50
“Sailing A’Viking” — 2:08
“Tribute to Viking Gods” — 4:04
“Journey Ends (outro)” — 3:23


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