De strijdlust is geboren (The Lust for Combat Is Born): Heidevolk

Rating: 85%

heidevolkI wouldn’t describe this as Heavy Metal music, but rather Folk Rock with Folk Metal influences. It does lean heavily on Folk influences within the song structures and melodies. But, what we have here is a Folk Rock band from the Netherlands that does a great job of promoting their Culture and Heritage through it’s music.

Musicianship is pretty solid. Heidevolk features two vocalists Joris Boghtdrincker and Jesse Vuerbaert. Jesse Vuerbaert also plays the flute. Rounding out the other positions is bassist Paul Braadvraat, drummer Joost Westdijk, guitarist Niels Beenkerver, and guitarist Sebas Bloeddorst who also contributes the tambourine and mouth harp.

Song structures are decent. The verses all feature clean vocal work with big chorus lines. The instrumentation is is very even keel which is what bogs this album down in spots, but the traditional folk instrumentation makes up for that. The sound of the band is a bit more polished than raw or grit that one would expect from this genre of music. There are some Black Metal traits on this album, and the Folk style melodies do bridge that gap to make it a more darker sound. But other songs are strictly Folk music with some Rock music influences to give it a heavy boost. The leads are pretty decent, even though they are used more as filler or fill ins in the song structures.

Not a bad attempt here to bring the Dutch traditions into the world of Folk Metal. All of the songs are sung in the band’s native tongue. But the music will carry you on that journey to the point that you really don’t really notice the Dutch language being sung. Again, Folk Metal is about tradition and culture which is what makes this genre so unique to the point that one likes it or one just can’t stand it.


Track listing:

1. “Krijgsvolk” (“People of Battle”) 2:48
2. “Vale ouwe” (“Rugged Old One”) 5:42
3. “Het Gelders volkslied” (“The Gueldrian Anthem”) 3:42
4. “Winteroorlog” (“Winter War”) 7:07
5. “En wij stappen stevig voort” (“And Strongly We March On”) 3:10
6. “Furor Teutonicus” (“Teutonic Fury”) 5:16
7. “Het bier zal weer vloeien” (“The Beer Will Flow Again”) 3:44
8. “Gelre 838, Wychaert” 7:11
9. “Hengist en Horsa” (“Hengist and Horsa”) 5:12


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