Of Stone, Wind and Pillor: Agalloch

Rating: 75%

of_stone_wind_and_pillorIn 2001, Agalloch released their EP “Of Stone, Wind and Pillor. This album is a decent collection of folk and atmospheric hard rock that boarders Heavy Metal. It’s also a unique blend of electric and acoustic instrumentation and clean and dirty vocals. It does pull some influences from Black Metal or at least the first song,  “Of Stone, Wind and Pillor.”

The musicianship is pretty tight. John Haughm’s vocals, guitars, and drums sounds pretty good. He provides much tempo to the band. Don Anderson’s guitars are pretty decent. Bassist Jason William Walton and keyboardist Shane Breyer also does a fine job at their posts.

Song structures seem to be lacking a bit on “A Poem by Yeats.” But the first four tracks are great. The melodies of each song is different and presented in classic Agalloch way. There are some weird guitar parts and beats which holds my attention. The entire album features many different styles of music influences from Black Metal to acoustical folk music. If your looking into this band, I would go with another album instead of jumping right into this one.

Track listing:

  1. “Of Stone, Wind and Pillor”   6:59
  2. “Foliorum Viridium”   2:43
  3. “Haunting Birds”   3:45
  4. “Kneel to the Cross”   5:54
  5. “A Poem by Yeats”   8:39

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