That’s All There Is: Eerie Von’s SpiderCider

Rating: 85%

spiderciderIn 2006, Eerie Von released his fourth solo record called Eerie Von’s Spider Cider, “That’s All There Is.” He played all instruments, recorded all material and wrote all songs. So, Eerie Von is for the most part is a one man band. Eerie Von has been around for years, playing gigs with Samhain and Danzig. His musical styles are directed more toward Punk, Goth, Hardcore, and Heavy Metal. This album is directed more towards Punk music rather than his previous works.

The song structures are very simple and standard from the introductions, to the verses and the chorus as well as the bridges. The instrumentation is very good. As a drummer, Eerie has some very good upbeat tempos. As a bassist, he rides along more of the guitar section. With regards to the guitar, there are some outstanding riffs, and some solos that are very simple. His vocals have much improved on this album compared to the other albums. The melody flows very well from song to song. The production sounds pretty decent. I have always enjoyed Eerie’s music. He has proven that life exists from his Danzig days.

Track listing:

1.”That’s All There Is” – 3.09
2.”Without You” – 3.26
3.”Hey Louisa” – 3.57
4.”Its Too Bad” – 2.50
5.”Whatcha Gonna Do?” – 3.36
6.”Ohnonothimagain” – 3.52
7.”Gone Away” – 4.22
8.”Undo-Redo” – 4.00
9.”Nothin Better To Do” – 3.33
10.”Never Again” – 4.32


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