Sap: Alice In Chains

Rating: 90%

alice_in_chains_sapEarly in 1992, Alice In Chains released an EP called “Sap.” This small EP contains four songs, although a fifth song is a hidden track on CD. Alice In Chains has been one of my favorite Grunge bands since I first heard them on the airwaves of 98Rock. I love the fact that this band has done some outstanding electric and heavy songs to more slower acoustical songs such as those you hear on “Sap.”

The musicianship of “Sap” is great. Layne Staley is on top of the world with his unique vocal style. How he and Jerry Cantrell can harmonize the way they do is beyond me. These two are an amazing duo. This is one feature of Alice In Chains that makes them such an interesting and a great band. So vocally, this album is fantastic. Jerry Cantrell who plays the acoustical guitar and electric solos is fantastic. His style is just great and proves that heavy riffs aren’t needed to make great songs. He also plays bass on “Love Song.” Michael Starr’s bass sounds awesome on this EP. He also plays the guitar on “Love Song.” Sean Kinney steps back from the normal with his drumming. He sets some of the easy keeled tempos for this record. As an added bonus, Ann Wilson from Heart is a backing vocalist on “Brother” and “Am I Inside.” Then Chris Cornell from Soundgarden provides backing vocals on “Right Turn” and “Love Song.” Mark Arm from Mudhoney also provides vocals on “Right Turn.”

Production of this EP is really clear. I totally get what Alice In Chains is doing. I like the melodies, the harmony of the music and vocals. The song structures are really good. It’s not heavy and yet, it’s not easy listening either. I like the carnival funhouse sounding, country style and weirdness of “Love Song.” The songs “Brother” and “Got Me Wrong” are great songs that feature great acoustical instrumentation and fine sounding electric guitar solos. This is a good Alternative Rock EP that isn’t really so much Grunge to me, but it does fit that genre. “Sap” would be the prelude to Alice In Chains’ second album “Dirt” which was released shortly after this EPTrack Listing:

  1. “Brother” 4:27
  2. “Got Me Wrong” 4:12
  3. “Right Turn” 3:17
  4. “Am I Inside” 5:09
  5. “Love Song” (Hidden Track) 3:44

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