Banned in Boston: G.G. Allin and the Jabbers

Rating: 90%

jabbersReleased in 1990, Banned in Boston is collection of songs recorded over a six year period by G.G. Allin and the Jabbers. If ever in the history of music where the limit was pushed, it was this record’s content. The X rated lyrics and other content can be funny at times, it can be very crude and sexual and it can be very straight forward with regards to society in general and the topics of the time. This isn’t a record for just anyone. But, this record is regarded as a highly important piece of Punk Rock history.

The song structures are Punk perfect. It does feature intros, verses, chorus, bridges, leads, and outros.  The lead guitars are good and the Punk style riffs are great. The love the backing vocals conducted on many of the songs where they answer or play along with G.G. Allin. It’s almost a 1950’s style that has been updated and incorporated into the vocal style. Lyrical themes range from rebellion against society to sex and women.

The musicianship is tight and can be very loose at times, but, that is what makes Punk music so good. G.G. Allin’s vocals are very unique. He has almost a boyish vocal style. Since so many were members of the band at one point or another, they all sound pretty good. The distorted guitars, fill ins, and leads is what makes the music sound good. There are some outrageous riffs on here. The bass and drums offer up a mixture of tempos and timing signatures. Lot’s of musical influences range from song to song.

Track listing:

You Hate Me and I Hate You
A Fuckup
No Rules
Bored To Death
Beat Beat Beat
One Man Army
Cheri Love Affair
I Need Adventure
Don’t Talk To Me
Up Against The Wall
Gimmie Some Head
NYC Tonight
Dead Or Alive
Living Like An Animal


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