Voimasta ja kunniasta (“Of Strength and Honor”): Moonsorrow

Rating: 100%

Voimasta_ja_Kunniasta.jpgThis was the record that attracted me to Moonsorrow back in 2001 when it was released. The epic sound with the raspy vocals and strong choirs pulled me not only into Moonsorrow, but it introduced me to Folk Metal and Viking Metal during a time when I thought that Heavy Metal was getting dull. This was during the wake of Grunge and Nu Metal had begun playing itself out. Both, Groove and Sludge Metal were just still heavily underground. Nothing good was one the radio. Then I heard this album on Serious radio. I was blown away!!!!

Musically, I love the melody which is very strong throughout the music, especially the opening track. Lot’s of good harmony within the music as well. The instrumentation of the traditional Heavy Metal instruments along with the keyboards, accordion, and mouth harp surprisingly, get along well. Lot’s of great tempos in each track some that feature Black Metal mixed with Polka and Folk music adds to the listening experience. It’s both, very dark and bright. It’s also fun and when the last track is finished, you wish it wasn’t over yet. The strong choirs and strong hand claps add a certain appeal of class to the overall music. The song structures are very good.  There’s some really good riffs and although, this album lacks leads, it’s still a very good album.

Musicianship is exceptional. Bassist and vocalist Ville Sorvali takes hold of the music with his raspy vocal style. His bass lines are very strong throughout the entire album. Guitarist, mouth harpist, accordionist, keyboardist, and vocalist Henri Sorvali adds to the overall sound and style. The other instruments he plays really does compliment the overall sound of the music. Drummer Marko Tarvonen is great at the skins. His tempos and signatures are dead on. Guitarist Mitja Harvilahti rounds out the rest of the band.

Track listing:

1. “Tyven” (“Serene”) 01:52
2. “Sankarihauta” (“Warrior’s Grave”) 07:41
3. “Kylän päässä” (“A Village Away”) 07:38
4. “Hiidenpelto/Häpeän hiljaiset vedet” (“Field of the Devil/The Silent Waters of Shame”) 09:20
5. “Aurinko ja kuu” (“The Sun and the Moon”) 08:14
6. “Sankaritarina” (“Warrior’s Tale”) 13:50


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