Tervaskanto (Resinous Stump): Korpiklaani

Rating: 80%

tervaskantoIn 2007, Korpiklaani released “Tervaskanto.”  This Finnish Folk Metal band blends Polka with elements of Thrash Metal. The end result is a great mix of instrumentation, clean vocals and big chorus lines. I love that this album starts with a beer drinking anthem “Let’s Drink.”

Musically, there’s some very catchy chorus lines and lot’s of fantastic riffs. I really admire the arrangements of the instrumentation on each song. There are some great melodies on this album. The sound of the heavy distorted guitars along with the accordion, tin whistle, violin, mandolin, and yes, the recorder. By the way, I hated playing that when I was a child in school. There is also some wonderful harmonies on this album as well. The song structures feature the basic elements. Some of the songs are instrumentals that build in to the following song. Lyrically, you’ll find yourself trying to sing along which themes range from beer drinking to hunting.

Musicianship, is pretty solid. A band has to be when so much instrumentation is taking placing. The band consists of vocalist Jonne Järvelä who is also credited with the guitars and mandolin, guitarist Cane, basists Jarkko Aaltonen, drummer Matti Johansson, guitarist and mandolin player Juho Kauppinen, and Hittavainen who plays violin, jouhikko, tin whistle, recorder, and torupill.

If you like Folk Metal, you most likely have heard of these guys. But, if you’re looking into expanding your musical knowledge into a different realm of Heavy Metal, then give these guys a try. Don’t let the fact that half of this album is sung in Finnish.

Track listing:

1. “Let’s Drink” 02:43
2. “Tervaskanto” (“Resinous Stump”) 03:54
3. “Viima” (“Icy Wind”) 03:33
4. “Veriset äpärät” (“Bloody Bastards Children”) 04:27
5. “Running with the Wolves” 03:53
6. “Liekkiön isku” (“The Revenge of Liekkiö”) 02:56
7. “Palovana” (“Inner Fire”) 05:04
8. “Karhunkaatolaulu” (“Bear Hunt Song”) 02:52
9. “Misty Fields” 03:25
10. “Vesilahden veräjillä” (“At the Gates of Vesilahti”) 06:58
11. “Nordic Feast” 02:46


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