Live!: Jerry Reed

Rating: 90%

r-3046137-1318534382-jpegIn 1979, guitar legend and Country music legend Jerry Reed released “Live!” I have always admired Jerry’s sense of humor and his style of guitar picking. I have always said it, Jerry Reed is Country music’s forgotten hero, both for his song writing and playing.

The “Live!” performance sounds great on vinyl. It’s both up beat and entertaining. This set listing has some of the lesser known songs and a few of his most popular songs including “East Bound and Down.” This live performance also has Jerry Reed entertaining the crowd by telling some stories about the songs or just talking to them.

This live performance begins with a hard hitter “It’s Got To Come Out.” This is one of several songs recorded live that showcases Jerry Reed’s talent on the guitar. It’s up beat and has a fast tempo. “I Wanna Go Back Home To Georgia” has a big female choir and some orchestra. But it balanced well with a soothing sound of guitar picking.  The next song “The Line In Gasoline” is a lively tune with a lot of humor. I love how this song deals with the cost of gasoline. It also has some great banjo and guitar work with a quirky chorus. “Hot Stuff” has a funky tempo and a funky chorus, but it again has some fantastic guitar riffs and leads. “Nine Pound Hammer” takes this traditional song and plays it like no other. It’s his guitar and him. This song alone, is classic Jerry Reed guitar picking. Side A ends with the humorous, tongue and cheek “I Crapped Myself Into The Poorhouse.”

Side B begins with the mild and slow tempo “El Paso” which again showcases what a great guitarist he is. “May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose” is an up beat high flying tune. “I’m Your Guitar” is a reflection of his guitar and the story of his guitar that is told by Jerry Reed. This is the long drawn out spoken lead up to “Guitar Man.” Great story, but this bogs the live performance down a bit. “Guitar Man” and “East Bound and Down” both are the grand finale and are what makes this live performance both energetic and entertaining.

Side One:

A1 Introduction 0:43
A2 It’s Got To Come Out 2:15
A3 I Wanna Go Back Home To Georgia (AKA Little Things) 3:17
A4 (Who Was The Man Who Put) The Line In Gasoline 2:50
A5 Hot Stuff 2:27
A6 Nine Pound Hammer 1:06
A7 I Crapped Myself Into The Poorhouse 1:40

Side Two:

B1 El Paso 2:13
B2 May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose 1:12
B3 I’m Your Guitar 1:13
B4 Guitar Man 2:40
B5 East Bound And Down 3:29


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