Ten Thousand Ways to Die: Obituary

Rating: 75%

600346I have always enjoyed Death Metal’s own Obituary ever since their debut came out. Ever since then, I have gone out an purchased everyone of their albums. I was drawn into their style of Heavy Metal music when I heard how dark, aggressive, and heavy “Slowly We Rot” was and then hearing the deathly growls of John Hardy. That was back in 1989. Fast forward to the year 2016 and they are still going strong. I heard about this album that included two new studio songs and live performances from their “Inked In Blood” tour. I must say, they still don’t disappoint.

The two new studio songs are a good sign that Obituary will be around for a long time to come. The music that is being released is still dark, aggressive, and heavy. I love the deep and eerie sound of the music, especially the guitars. This album also has the classic shriek of the lead guitar that is surrounded by a heavy melody of rhythm guitar, followed by the deathly growls of the vocals. To top it off, the pounding of the bass and drums adds to the insanity of the music.

Musicianship is so tight. Donald Tardy still delivers a hard hitting beat on the drum set. Terry Butler whose bass is in the background thunders through the amps. John Tardy proves that once again, his deathly growls are on top of the world. His style is amazing. Trevor Peres’s rhythm guitar is heavy, deep, and evil. I love the deep tone that comes out from his sound. Then you have Kenny Andrews on lead guitar. His solo at the of “Ten Thousand Ways To Die” is absolutely brilliant. He proves that there is a lot of room in Death Metal for fill ins, leads and outros that SCREAMS bloody murder.

The live performances are OK. There are a few issues that I hear with the recordings, but hey, it’s a live performance and there will always be problems. For one, the mixing is a bit off keel. I can’t really hear the bass with the exception of a few tracks and some of the drum lines on certain songs are drowned out by the guitars and vocals. But come on, this is an audible album. If you never saw the band live, this is a good decent live performance. The set list is very balance that has a good collection of their catalog.


Track listing:

1. Loathe 06:19
2. Ten Thousand Ways to Die 03:17
3. Redneck Stomp (live, The Mayan, Los Angeles) 04:11
4. Centuries of Lie (live, The Masquerade, Atlanta) 02:15
5. Visions in My Head (live, Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore) 04:18
6. Intoxicated (live, Revolution Center, Boise) 05:41
7. Bloodsoaked (live, Irving Plaza, New York) 03:31
8. Dying (live, Metro, Chicago) 04:38
9. Find the Arise (live, Opera House, Toronto) 02:17
10. ‘Til Death (live, House of Blues, San Diego) 04:47
11. Don’t Care (live, Club Red, Phoenix) 02:32
12. Chopped in Half / Turned Inside Out (live, The Ritz Ybor, Tampa) 05:44
13. Slowly We Rot (live, Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale) 05:10


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