Don’t Forget the Chaos: The Exploited

Rating: 80%

exploited.jpgIn 1992, “Don’t Forget the Chaos” by The Exploited was released. It contains two new studio tracks for the time and “Live at Leeds from 1983. So, I’ll break this down to focus on both aspects of this album. First, let me say, I have been a fan of The Exploited since the mid 1980’s. this was about the time that many of the Hardcore Punk bands began crossing into the Thrash Metal scene. It wasn’t uncommon to see their patch sewn onto a Heavy Metal brother’s jacket along with Anthrax, Megadeth and Obituary. By this point in time, both worlds began to hang out with one another or at least in my neighborhood.

The 1984 studio tracks are remarkable. I love how the intro of “Race Against Time” begins with the bass line and the drums. Then the electric guitar comes right in and then the riff is born. Then the vocals chime in. The song structure is so easy, and yet it’s very complex for Punk. Vocally, Wattie Buchan is good and he is amazing frontman. Rolling along on the bass is Wayne Tyas. Wullie Buchan drumming is excellent.

“Propaganda” begins with a really cool sounding riff in which the drums and bass soon follows. Then Wattie’s thick British accented vocals echo along with the flow o music. This song has a more Hardcore Punk feeling to it. While both tracks are clean from the grit sound, it’s still very raw.

“Live at Leeds” from 1983, features vocalist Wattie Buchan, drummer Wullie Buchan, guitarist Egghead, and bassist Billy Dunn. The set features a collection of raw, powerful, gritty, and hardcore music that will blow your mind away. Although, the recording is not the best, it still gives you an insight of the era in which The Exploited ruled with their anarchist music. It’s sloppy, it’s very noisy, and it’s as raw as one can get for a live performance. The atmosphere is thick and very energetic. I can imagine the audience just going nuts during this performance.

Sure, it’s sloppy in some areas, but the recording is something that isn’t altered in the studio after the concert. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for a listen. There are no special effects and there is diffidently no polishing on the final product.

The songs for this performance are fast and furious. The screaming vocals mixed with feedback, along with the fast up beat tempos and riffs shows the power of the band itself. There really isn’t a bad song listed on the here. There all good. Are they political? Sure, they are. Are they liberal? Oh, yes! It’s what anarchy is all about and The Exploited is rebelling and attacking society. Punk back then stood for something, unlike Punk of today.

This album is just a glimpse into the past. The Exploited still remain as one of my favorite Punk bands of all time. They weren’t fake, nor were they posers. They were a group of guys that had something to say to society and these songs are part of that message. “Sex & Violence” is my favorite song of the set. It’s so simple, but it’s genius how The Exploited pulled it off.

Studio ’84
1 Race Against Time
2 Propaganda
Live At Leeds ’83
3 God Save The Queen
4 Dead Cities
5 UK ’82
6 Rival Leaders
7 Cop Cars
8 Psycho
9 Sex & Violence
10 Exploited Barny Army
11 Army Life
12 Wankers
13 Anarchy
14 Alternatives
15 Jimmy Boyle
16 Punks Not Dead
17 Dogs Of War
18 Let’s Start A War


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