Hell Yeah!: HorrorPops

Rating: 90%

Hell_Yeah!.jpgThe HorrorPops is a great band that mixes the 1950’s Rockabilly with 1970’s Punk music. It then blends some of the surf music into it’s sound. It’s almost as if Elvis meets the Misfits and the Cramps. The band is led by Patricia Day on upright bass and lead vocals, guitarist Karsten and drummer Niedermeier.

There are several tracks on this album that are good. This is an enjoyable album to listen to. The musicianship is just breath taking. Lot’s of great vocals by Patricia Day. Man, she has plenty of range with her gritty style of vocals. The chorus lines are just as amazing with the harmony of the band itself. Lot’s of great guitar riffs and leads. The drumming is really good.

The overall sound is what makes this band so good. It’s not polished enough to ruin their sound, but it’s crisp and clean. Although, nothing explosive, meaning no overly distorted guitars, you can almost feel the influences of the Misfits, the Cramps, and No Doubt. Plenty of energy and power within the band and their music. It’s good to see that this Danish band has taken the old traditional sounds of America and England to create their own blend on Punk and Psychobilly music. High points of this record include, “Psychobitches Outta Hell”, “Horrorbeach”, “Miss Take”, and “Ghouls.”

Track Listing:

“Julia” – 2:45
“Drama Queen” – 2:22
“Ghouls”  – 2:06
“Girl in a Cage” – 2:58
“Miss Take” – 3:58
“Where They Wander” – 3:00
“Kool Flattop”– 3:09
“Psychobitches Outta Hell” – 3:12
“Dotted With Hearts” – 3:53
“Baby Lou Tattoo” – 3:11
“What’s Under My Bed” – 3:15
“Emotional Abuse”– 3:21
“Horrorbeach” – 2:52


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