Sleep In Safety: 45 Grave

Rating: 85%

45_Grave_-_Sleep_in_Safety.jpgThis is a Punk band that I rediscovered a few years ago. Come to find out, they are still around playing, even though, their records are far and few in between. In fact, they only released two studio albums, a several EPs.

Who were 45 Grave? Well, they were one of the front runners of the California Punk scene that helped to continue the Horror Punk genre. They’re not the Misfits or the Undead, but their brand of Horror Punk is truly something different for the time. I love early 1980’s Punk as there were so many styles of Punk music for the era.

In 1983, 45 Grave released their debut record “Sleep In Safety.” It’s Horror Punk that is raw and unique for the time. The style of the music isn’t heavy, and it did contain some of the Pop or New Wave element, but it also contains some of the eeriness one would expect from this genre. The vocals are just as evil sounding and when you mixed the two with the enchantment of the keyboards, it’s just down right scary. Well, maybe not in today’s terms, but back in the 1980’s, this evilness of horror and cuteness, would make anyone run away.

7949042e1f9e3dc4dd4e3f4fdc84266aThe musicianship on this record is pretty standard. Drummer Don Bolles hit, smacks, and pounds the skins. His work on this album is very good and is pretty tight. Then you have the riffs and lead solos being conducted by Paul Cutler. Then you have bassist Rob Graves and keyboardist Paul Roessler. Rounding out the front and on vocals is the one and only Dinah Cancer. Her vocals are very thick and full of grit. I really admire her vocal work and her range.

Musically, this album is very dark and eerie. The subject matter of the lyrics are just as dark, chilling and cold. They deal with all aspects of society from religion to violence. This album produced 45 Grave’s most known song “Partytime.” But this song isn’t about partying. As awful as the subject of the lyrics, they do rise awareness to child abuse.  It deals with a five year old girl who was brutally murdered and we’ll leave it at that. “Evil” deals with misconception through lies. “Evil” is another song that is well know by the band. It also has a really riff.

Track listing:

Side A
1. “Insurance from God” 5:03
2. “Evil” 2:52
3. “Partytime” 3:16
4. “Dream Hits II” 1:48
5. “Slice o’ Life” 6:08
Side B
1. “45 Grave” 3:30
2. “Phantoms” 3:55
3. “Violent World” 2:05
4. “Bad Love” 2:45
5. “Surf Bat”1:17
6. “Procession” 5:16


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