4 Days In A Motel Room: The Nuns

Rating: 85%

R-4078913-1354527039-3295.jpeg.jpgThe Nuns, I have had actually forgotten about. I first heard them back in the late 1980’s. This is when I was really getting into Punk and Hardcore Punk. After a while, I was more in tune with Hardcore Punk, Thrash Metal and Death Metal music and the Nuns were pretty much placed in the vault of my memory. So, while cruising Youtube, I found all these songs under the recommendation and that’s when I remembered this forgotten Punk band.

In the late 1970’s, the Nuns were rising above the California Punk scene with their blend of Punk, New Wave, later Goth Rock, and yes, some Pop. Their first record released in the form of an EP or single in 1979, saw some of popularity. By 1980, their debut record was released. The Nuns along with their vocalist Jennifer Anderson forged ahead to become one of the leading and influential Punks bands of the San Francisco Punk scene.

Throughout the history of the Nuns had numerous line up changes and a few reunions but, Jennifer “Miro” Anderson remained the only consistent member of the band. She passed away in 2011 from cancer. Her vocals are haunting, cold, and at the same time, good.

Nuns #12Although, “4 Days In A Motel Room” is more or less their greatest hits with some singles added to it, this album does showcase the band nicely. Many of the songs on this compilation album are for the most part very good. Lot’s of great guitar work and catchy riffs. Lot’s of catchy vocals and chorus.

“Do You Want Me On My Knees?” has a cool kick ass riff along with some very sexual lyrics. The music is very dark and the vocals are just as dark and sinful. The lead guitar solo which last for a few seconds is awesome.

There are several highlights on this album that justify’s why this band was one of the leading Punks bands in the San Fran scene. “Just Do It” has more of that New Wave sound to it and the vocals are more based on harmony. “Underground” is more of a Punk style with male and female vocals. “Savage” is really Punk from the drumming to the vocals. All around a good tune.  Not to mention this song has a kick ass guitar lead

Track listing:

Elvis Said
Rodney’s English Disco
Do You Want Me On My Knees?
4 Days In A Motel Room
Suicide Child
The Underground
Just Do It!
The More I Want You
Platform Princess
My Religion
In The Shadows
You Are The Enemy!
To Your Soul
Media Control
World War III
You Think You’re The Best?
Walkin’ The Beat
Getting Straight
Child Molester


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