Into the Night: Son of Sam

Rating: 90%

Son_of_Sam_-_Into_the_Night_cover.jpgIn 2008, Son of Sam was resurrected with a new line up for their second official release “Into the Night.” The new line up consisted of vocalist Ian Thorne and drummer Karl Rosqvist. Returning members was guitarist Todd Youth and bassist Steve Zing.

Musically, it still contains that strong Samhain sound and Misfits style of vocals. It also contains that eeriness sound while maintaining that Punk style. There are plenty of great guitar riffs and fantastic leads. The songs themselves do not get bogged down, in fact there are many fast paced tempos and up beat bass and drum lines. Several good melodies and a sound that isn’t polished. Vocally, it’s pretty good.  Lyrically, it contains those darker themes. Highlights include “Twisted Soul”, “Into The Night”, and “The Bleeding.”

Track listing:

“The Bleeding” – 4:19
“Suffer” – 3:20
“Dark Life” – 3:15
“Into The Night” – 3:18
“Twisted Soul” – 4:00
“Death Baby” – 4:32
“They Have Risen” – 1:38
“Sons Of New” – 3:46
“Darkness Calls (Pure Evil II)” – 4:38


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