Songs From the Earth: Son of Sam

Rating: 90%

Son_of_Sam_-_Songs_from_the_Earth_cover.jpgIn 2000, some of the formal members of Samhain and those with Danzig formed Son of Sam. This was a side project started by then Danzig guitarist Todd Youth. Upon completion, the line up for this band consisted of vocalist Davey Havok, guitarist Todd Youth and formal Samhain members London May on drums and bassist Steve Zing. Other guest musicians included Glenn Danzig, Joey C., Howie Pyro all part of the Danzig line up and Ricky Mahler along with Nick 13.

Musically, if you like Samhain, then this album is a good one to try. Many compare it to the Misfits or Sonic Youth, but I hear more Samhain influences than anything. Unless they are describing the backing vocals, well then I do hear the Misfits. The chorus lines are in tune with harmonizing backing vocals.

The instrumentation is top notch. There are several kick ass riffs, leads, bass lines and drumming. There is a certain eeriness to the music that is dark, cold, and deep, while maintaining that Punk feel. Besides the Punk influences, there is a certain heaviness to the music itself, that places this album into the realms of Heavy Metal.

This album screams all of the classics we all love with Danzig. It has the dark lyrical themes, and sound to it. So, if you’re into Danzig or Samhain with a touch of the Misfits, then this is a good choice. When I first heard this, I thought that Samhain had a reunion and no one told me about it.  This is a great record from a great side project that I wish would have done more than two albums.

Track listing:

“Of Power” – 3:31
“Stray” – 2:53
“Evernight” – 3:12
“In the Hills” – 2:25
“Songs from the Earth” – 4:12
“Satiate” – 2:40
“Of Man” – 2:46
“Michael” – 3:14
“Purevil” – 3:07
“Invocation” – 2:16


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