Apocalyptic Raids: Hellhammer

Rating: 90%

13934.jpgBefore there was Celtic Frost, there was Hellhammer. This band although, never released any major records, did play a key influential role in the formation of Black Metal along with Bathory and Venom. This three piece band consisted of guitarist and vocalist Tom G. Warrior, bassist Martin E. Ain, and drummer Denial Fiend. Tom Warrior and Martin Ain would move on a form Celtic Frost.

“Apocalyptic Raids” was released in 1984. This small song EP packed one of hell of a punch in the Heavy Metal world. This has lots of darkness as if hell was on earth. There is a certain rawness to the music that is refreshing compared to the Black Metal of today.

Lot’s of heavy guitars riffs, distorted feed back, toned down guitar sounds. The sound is very deep. There is a good mixture of slower aggressive riffs and fast rapid palm muting that storms the music with assault. There are a few nice solos. The bass has a nice thick, heavy and deep sound to it. The drums are throwing out all kinds of different tempos and beats. The vocals have that classic higher pitched screams and grit. This was extreme music before extreme music became what it is today.

Track listing:

Side A
1. Third of the Storms (Evoked Damnation) 02:45
2. Massacra 02:48
Side B
3. Triumph of Death 09:23
4. Horus / Aggressor 05:02


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