Into the Abyss: Poison

Rating: 85%

31512.jpgPoison a band from Germany, not to be confused with the American Hair Metal band, released only one album called “Into the Abyss.” This album was released in 1993.  The band consisted of vocalist Virgin Slaughter, guitarist Angel of Death, bassist Incubus Demon, and drummer Witchhammer.

I never heard of them until I found this on Youtube and it sounds so much like classic Dead Brain Cells and Sodom. How did I miss this band growing up in the age of Thrash and Death Metal? Now, the Youtube version is the 1986 demo which is why when I hear it, the sound quality is less than favorable. Same tracks, just different order.

Musically, this band is fucking awesome and so raw. It’s thrashy, it’s deathly, and I do hear some of those fast rapid beats that are commonly heard in today’s Black Metal. There are elements of classical music that a clearly be heard on the intros. “Slaves of the Crucifix” is a great example. The vocals are of the style of deathly growls and screams and they add to the eeriness of the music. The music itself is amazing and very complex.  The drumming is great. Lot’s of fast tempos, off beats, and wired timing signatures. The bass guitar is clearly heard and all of the lines are amazing. The sound of the bass is very thick and solid. There are a lot of great guitar riffs and solos. The guitar alone is why I rated this so high. I like the distorted sound it has and to me is the backbone of this band.

This album was perfection when Thrash Metal was taking off. This kind of extreme music was ahead of it’s time. This is what made the 1980’s a kick ass decade, when the Hair Metal ruled the airwaves and MTV, this movement of Thrash Metal and Death Metal was emerging from underneath. Groups like Poison, although never known and after hearing it for the first time, I am still amazed at one question. How did I miss this band from my past?

Track Listing:

Side A
1. Alive (Undead) 07:40
2. Slaves of the Crucifix 09:37
Side B
3. Sphinx 08:22
4. Yog-Sothoth 07:13


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