Road Fever: Thundermother

Rating: 90%

R-7454682-1441816548-2515.jpeg.jpgI recently came across the Swedish band Thundermother and boy can these females rock. Their brand of music is compared to that of AC/DC, Rhino Bucket, and Krukus. The band consists of guitarist Giorgia Carteri, vocalist Clare Cunningham, lead guitarist Filippa Nässil, bassist Linda Ström, and drummer Tilda Stenqvist.

Musically, this is Hard Rock and Blues Rock done with attitude and perfection. This is a blast from the past upon hearing their style of late 1970’s Hard Rock and early 1980’s Heavy Metal. Their sound is crisp and very clean. Lot’s of vocals and great chorus lines. There’s plenty of melody. These females rockers also have a great harmony with the music and vocals.

Thundermother billard.jpgThe musicianship is great. Let’s start with the raspy, whiskey drenched style vocals of Clare Cunningham. Her vocal style is very unique in this day in age. She has a good voice and a wide range. Then you have guitarist Giorgia Carteri who just throws riff after riff. Her style of beefy chords screams AC/DC.  It’s Hard Rock and Blues Rock at it’s best. Throwing out the leads and solos is Filippa Nässil. This female lead guitarist can play, shred and bend those strings. She’s a damn good lead guitarist. Bassist Linda Ström for the most part is very good, she’s almost like Cliff Williams of AC/DC with her style of playing more in tune with the guitars than setting time with the drums. Tilda Stenqvist pounds those skins. She’s got good beats that are consistent. Nothing funky and nothing off the wall and weird. She just plays the drums.

Track listing:

A1 It’s Just A Tease
A3 Alright Alright
A4 Deal With The Devil
A5 Give Me Some Lights
B1 Roadkill
B2 Enemy
B3 Vagabond
B4 Thunder Machine
B5 Rock ‘n’ Roll Sisterhood


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