Bigger Than The Devil: S.O.D.

Rating: 70%

Stormtroopers_of_Death-Bigger_than_the_Devil.jpgIn 1992, the boys were back in the studio once more with vocalist Billy Milano, guitarist Scott Ian, bassist Dan Lilker, and drummer Charlie Benante. This time resulted in the release of “Bigger Than The Devil.”

Although, not as good as their first release, this record has it’s moments. I love the songs “Kill The Assholes”, “Celtic Frosted Flakes”, and “The Song That Doesn’t Go Fast.” But there is a repeat of material that is identical to their first release such as “Noise That’s What.”

Musically, this album has a lot of fast songs that combines Hardcore Punk and Thrash Metal. Tons of fast guitar riffs and silly lyrics. But, this is still an album that is worth a listen and worth to have.

Track listing:

1. “Bigger than the Devil” 2:29
2. “The Crackhead Song” 1:47
3. “Kill the Assholes” 2:51
4. “Monkeys Rule” 1:46
5. “Skool Bus” 0:36
6. “King at the King / Evil Is In” 2:20
7. “Black War” 2:26
8. “Celtic Frosted Flakes” 1:15
9. “Charlie Don’t Cheat” 0:24
10. “The Song That Don’t Go Fast” 1:52
11. “Shenanigans” 2:17
12. “Dog on the Tracks” 0:04
13. “Xerox” 0:54
14. “Make Room, Make Room” 3:31
15. “Free Dirty Needles” 2:36
16. “Fugu” 0:07
17. “Noise That’s What” 1:11
18. “We All Bleed Red” 2:33
19. “Frankenstein and His Horse” 0:21
20. “Every Tiny Molecule” 1:03
21. “Aren’t You Hungry?” 3:18
22. “L.A.T.K.C.H.” 0:27
23. “Ballad of Michael H.” 0:13
24. “Ballad of Phil H.” 0:08
25. “Moment of Truth”


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