Gates of Hell: Mystica Girls

Rating: 95%

402245In 2014, Mystica Girls, a band from Mexico City released “Gates of Hell.” This is their second full length album. This all female band can rock!!! The line up for this album consisted of guitarist Cinthya Blackcat, drummer Yolanda Moreno, vocalist Mon Laferte, and Kathy Whitewolf.

Musically, this band has an even keel of tempos. It’s heavy and not super fast. It’s got plenty of rhythm, good sharp riffs, clear bass riffs, fantastic drumming and great vocals. The bass guitar is one instrument that many will hear right away. It dominates the music. Upon hearing this album you’ll notice the short guitar leads. They are really good to the point I think of the 1980’s style of lead guitar. The guitar itself has a good clear sound to it. “Sweet Picking” is a fantastic example of the guitar work on this album. When I hear this, I think of those guitar gods like Stevie Vai. The lyrics are based on themes of romance and fantasy. Vocally, they are very unique. They are overwhelming, but they have a nice range to them.

The song structures themselves have a dark side to them. The structures do have a bit of a tight groove. You’ll hear it intertwined in the music. There are many short bursts. When you listen to the instrumentation, you’ll quickly hear everything. Nothing isn’t drowning out the other instruments. This album has many influences from the early Heavy Metal bands such as Judas Priest and Manowar. It’s everything that a Heavy Metal band should have. They have the looks as Punks, but they’re all metalheads.

mystica-girlsnew4.jpgTrack listing:

1. To Be Open… 01:34
2. The Gates of Hell 04:31
3. The Boogie Biker 03:18
4. No More! 04:11
5. The Spirit Has Won 02:56
6. Tiny Blue Dot 03:40
7. The Conquest 02:53
8. Sweet Picking 02:36
9. Why Should We Need? 05:02
10. New Awakening 02:32 instrumental
11. Spooky Cookie 03:50
12. Game of Sins 05:33
13. The Boogie Biker 03:21


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