Capitalism is Cannibalism: Anthrax

Rating: 90%

Capitalism_is_Cannibalism.jpgOk, so this isn’t the Anthrax you’re thinking of. This is the  Anarcho-punk band from the UK. The band is made up of bassist Gareth, drummer Pete, guitarist D, and vocalist Oskar.

Musically, this is insane. The guitars are heavy and ramp up on distortion. Some of the music is super fast and then there are sections that are just at a normal pace. There are some very good riffs here. There are some really good short leads and guitar picking. The bass has a great fuzzy sound to it. The bass lines just dominate the first song. The vocals are beefy and full.

Some one once said, that there is no such thing as Old School Punk, it’s just purity. I would agree with that statement. Overall, this E.P. has a good sound with some really enjoyable songs.

Track listing:

  • A1 Capitalism Is Cannibalism
  • 2 Violence Is Violence
  • B1 Prime To Pension
  • 2 All Things Bright And Beautiful

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