Fear of Life: CH3

Rating: 85%

hqdefaultin 1982, Channel 3 (Ch3) dropped the “Fear of Life” record. You had bassist Larry Kelly, drummer Mike Burton, guitarist Kimm Gardener, and vocalist & guitarist Mike Magrann. There style of Hardcore Punk was pretty good. You had the classic heavy guitar riffs, big chorus lines, great drumming, nice bass lines, and great solos.

Musically, the song structures are played very tightly. They have that raw and gritty sound which I like. You don’t many bands today, that record music the same way it was done back in 1980’s. Everything today has this polished and friendly sound to it. I love the claps, the answering chorus lines to the vocals. This album has some of the best fills as far as the guitar goes. The female backing vocals was a treat.

I love the Hardcore Punk from the era, as the music itself is very raw, powerful, aggressive, and heavy. It was these bands that helped to shape Thrash Metal and make it OK for the two groups to socialize. As I click away on Youtube, I am rediscovering these old Punk bands and it’s a hell of a trip down memory lane.

Track listing:

Out Of Control
You Make Me Feel Cheap
Catholic Boy
Wet Spots
Fear Of Life
Life Goes On
Strength In Numbers
Double Standard Boys
You Lie
I Wanna Know Why


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