San Francisco’s STILL Doomed: Crime

Rating: 90%

CRIMESFDfront.jpgThis compilation album has tracks that were recorded in 1978-1979 and wasn’t released until 1991. The band featured vocalist and guitarist Johnny Strike, vocalist and guitarist Frankie Fix, bassist Ron Greco, and drummer Ricky Williams.

This Punk band is amazing. Their style is pure Rock n’ Roll played on volume ten. This gives the music a crunch and gritty sound that is covered in mud. The guitars are heavy has hell. They pelt out riffs and leads. Then the feedback just rips through the music. It’s almost sloppy, but at the same time, the chords are very tight. The bass sticks out and just dominates the entire record.  The drum lines are out of this world. The vocals are very sloppy. I don’t think the vocals have reach any kind of range, but, this is Punk, so the vocals don’t have to be perfect.

Track listing:

Side One
“Crime Wave”
“I Knew This Nurse”
“San Francisco’s Doomed”
“Rock & Roll Enemy No.1”
“Piss On Your Dog”
“Feel The Beat”
“I Be Stupid Anyway”
“Murder By Guitar”
“Instrumental Instrumental”

Side Two
“Rockabilly Drugstore”
“Dillinger’s Brain”
“Emergency Music Ward”
“Monkey On Your Back”
“Rockin’ Weird”


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