The Warfare E.P.: The System

Rating: 90%

R-386466-1341191490-1790.jpeg.jpgIn 1982, The System released a three song E.P. called “The Warfare.” The band featured bassist Jimi Jerkoff, drummer Spider, guitarist Andy Atom, and vocalist Jan Commode.  The band is super tight when it comes to their style and music.

Musically, it’s got plenty of bass guitar. The scales in which are used are very complex. The guitar has a very beefy sound that is gritty, but not as crunchy.  This E.P. features some really decent riffs and leads. The drum lines and tempos are really good and are held at an even keel throughout. The vocals are decent.

Track listing:

A Dogs Of War
B1 Their Corrupting Ways
B2 Nervous Breakdown


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