They’ve Got It All Wrong: Anthrax (UK)

Rating: 90%

anthraxuk.jpgIn 1983, “They’ve Got It All Wrong” was released by the UK band Anthrax. Musically, this e.p. is raw, aggressive, and features super tight grooves and instrumentation. It’s got plenty of great guitar riffs and solos. The bass is still clearly heard. The drums are holding a super fast temp pretty much from the start to the finish. Even though, this e.p. comes in at just under seven minutes, these four songs are well structured.

The love the groovy strumming introduction of “P.P.B.” It makes me think of Dire Straights style mixed with Hardcore Punk. I also like the solo after the first verse of “Got It All Wrong.” The entire e.p. again is heavy and fast, but it does have that garage rock sound to it, where the guitars plugged into the amps are set on 10. It’s loud as hell.

Track listing:
Got It All Wrong
What Will Tomorrow Bring?


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