Will Damage Your Health: The Cigarettes

Rating: 85%

28081977_350_350.jpgSo, the year was 1979 when “Will Damage Your Health” was released by the Cigarettes. So when I saw this album, I was intrigued. This trio consisted of vocalist and bassist Steve Taylor, vocalist and guitarist Rob Smith, and drummer Adam Palmer. The band only released one album and that was a compilation album.

The music, you guessed it. It’s Punk. It has fuzzy guitars, great riffs, and leads. The bass is heavy and that is what sticks out. The drum lines are just as great. I think of the the 1960’s Hard Rock scene on speed when I hear their music. Check out “You Were So Young.” It’s a great tune and you’ll understand why they were one of the important Punk bands from the UK even though they had a very short career.

Track listing:

They’re Back Again, Here They Come
I’ve Forgot My Number (Now I’m Telling You My Name)
All We Want Is Your Money
Can’t Sleep At Night
It’s The Only Way To Live (Die)
Stay Inside
Looking At You
Frivolous Disguises
After All
Screaming Dreaming
Valium World
You Were So Young
Damage Your Health
Media Mania
Can’t Sleep At Night
Frivolous Disguises
It’s The Only Way To Live (Die)
Valium World


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