Death Church: Rudimentary Peni

Rating: 75%

RP-Death_Church.jpgIn 1983, “Death Church” was released by Rudimentary Peni. This is their first full length album. Prior to that, the band released a few e.p.’s. The band consisted of drummer Jon Greville, guitarist & vocalist Nick Blinko, and bassist Grant Matthews.

Musically, the song structures are very simple. The riffs and leads are about average. Nothing to complex or extreme. The songs are more or long the lines of three to six chords, it seems like. The bass follows more along the guitar riffs, but, it is identifiable. The bass at times will lead off the song with a more progressive line, but then will often fall back in line with the guitar. The drums follow a more progressive and faster tempo, with some of weird tempos here and there. The British accent of the vocals is very noticeable which adds to that Punk sound. This of the Exploited and the Sex Pistols. The vocals themselves are a mixture of screams back down to mid range. There is a sense of poetry to the vocal style and the lyrics.

All and all, we have an average Hardcore Punk band with some songs structures. The overall sound, has a good raw sound to it. This is what love about Punk from the 1980’s. That raw energetic sound that is not polished. The lyrics can be a little dark. The musicianship seems to be pretty tight, which is always a good thing. There’s a bit of Noise Rock when the songs transitions from track to track.

Track listing:

“¼ Dead”
“Blissful Myth”
“The Psycho Squat”
“Rotten to the Core”
“Cosmic Hearse”
“The Cloud Song”
“Vampire State Building”
“Blasphemy Squad”
“When You are a Martian Church”
“Pig in a Blanket”
“Nothing but a Nightmare”
“Flesh Crucifix”
“Slimy Member”
“Love is Not”
“Radio Schizo”
“Happy Farm”
“Alice Crucifies the Paedophiles”
“Army of Jesus”


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