Pitch Black Brigade: Vreid

Rating: 85%

105296.jpgIn 2006, Vreid released “Pitch Black Brigade. The band consisted of vocalist & guitarist Sture, guitarist Ese, bassist Hvàll, and drummer Steingrim.

One thing that I liked about this band is their version of Black Metal. Musically, it’s very melodic. But there are also elements of some Thrash Metal and some roots of Punk music thrown into the song structures at times. Fast riffs, great tempos, and even some weird timing shifts. The sound itself is very raw, at the same time, there is a certain epic feel to the music.

The musicianship is pretty good. The growls and shrills of the vocals are more along Death Metal and the shrieks of Black Metal. There’s plenty of brutal guitar riffs. Many of the riffs are heavily rooted into thrash. While some of the other riffs and effects are borderline punk. The album is missing a bit of the lead guitar solos. The bass for the most part plays more along side of the guitars, but it is clearly heard in the finished product. There are some bass riffs here that sound very good. The drums are fantastic. I love hearing the double tap of the bass drums.

Track listing:

“Då Draumen Rakna” (“When the Dream Shattered”) – 5:16
“Left to Hate” – 4:38
“Pitch Black” – 4:20
“The Red Smell” – 4:42
“Hengebjørki” (“The Silver Birch”) – 9:21
“Our Battle” – 3:35
“Hang ‘Em All” – 3:33
“Eit Kapitell For Seg Sjølv”(“A Story of its Own”) – 6:54


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