In War and Pieces: Sodom

Rating: 85%

InWarAndPieces.jpgIn 2010, “In War and Pieces” was released by Sodom. Now, I must admit, as I went into the 2000’s, I kind of forgotten about this band. That was until I was looking around the record store and saw this album. I thought to myself, damn, these guys are still around. I thought what the hell, I’ll pick it up and see what Sodom sounds like today. Well, this band still has it, even though, Tom Angelripper is the only original member. The line up for this album has bassist and vocalist Tom Angelripper, guitarist Bernd Kost, and drummer Bobby Schottkowski.

Musically, this album is very good. It’s Thrash Metal that sounds just as good today as it did back in the 1980’s. The overall sound of the band is a bit lighter than their earlier stuff. It’s a bit more polished. This album does boarder along the lines of Speed Metal. It’s totally brutal. This album has got some really good tempos and melodies. The lyrics still deal with themes surrounding war.

It’s got plenty of fast, heavy, aggressive, and killer riffs. There are some great leads. I would have to say, that if you’re into playing Thrash Metal on your guitar, well, Bernd Kost pretty much dominates it and hits it out of the park. The vocals are still gritty. The bass sounds really good. Plenty of hard hitting drums. The has been made, that Sodom is still a contender in the age of modern music.

Track listing:

1. “In War and Pieces” 4:11
2. “Hellfire” 3:07
3. “Through Toxic Veins” 4:43
4. “Nothing Counts More Than Blood” 3:49
5. “Storm Raging Up” 5:08
6. “Feigned Death Throes” 3:59
7. “Soul Contraband” 3:50
8. “God Bless You” 5:10
9. “The Art of Killing Poetry” 4:38
10. “Knarrenheinz” (German Lyrics) 3:20
11. “Styptic Parasite” 5:13
12. “Murder One (Bonus Track)” 3:27


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